AWE Goosebumps –  is a bio-responsive animatronic skin that amplifies the feeling of goosebumps and animates awe.

The human touch of machine gesture.

Awe is a mixture of fear and wonder, a heightened emotional state that creates a cascade of hair standing on end – goosebumps. This latent sense is measured with a series of biosensors and then illuminates with inflatable wonder.

This expression is called extimacy – externalized intimacy, as we intensify awareness and translate our inner most feelings to the external world.

SENSOREE AWE Goosebumps from SENSOREE on Vimeo.

Photography by Elena Kulikova

Goosebumps occur from a cold breeze, intimate touch, or from an emotional base. This design explores the emotional link – having memories of a person or time, a song that gives a rush of emotion, watching an amazing performance, the feeling of intuition, time and place, or a mix of all.

recent study at UC Berkeley associates good health with the feeling of Awe and Goosebumps. That goose-bumpy mix of fear and wonder appears to be particularly good for the body



AWE Goosebumps is a biometric silicone inflatable with laser cut Kirigami skin. The inflating silicone initiates the peekaboo interaction.AWEGoosebumpsBackDetail

In a dialog of art and science, our therapeutic biomedia – emotional technology – animates the intense emotions that trigger goose bumps. A series of biosensors – GSR excitement, breath, and heart rate variability – read body sensations and amplifies authentic Goosebumps. Breath rate is animated in real time with blue exhale to teal inhale. The awe state triggers inflatables to grow and illuminate with pink excitement.


Created at University of TWENTE Design Lab, Artist in Residence
Kristin Neidlinger – Design Lead
Edwin Dertien – Creative Robotics Lead
Student team from Creative Technology – Fabienne Heijne,  Artur Shkribliak, Szandra Iván
Special thank yous to Andrea Minuto, David Goedicke, Thömãs Beelen, Eugénie Lacombe
Thank you to Anastasia Pistofidou and Fab Lab Barcelona for premiering at FAB11

Elena Kulikova Photography
Inka Siefker Model