furverWebThe FURVER fiber optic.corset is a hard shell, vacuformed corset with emotionally volatile fur. Inspired by sea anemones and porcupines, this design offers body armor with animated boundaries. When someone approaches the fiber optic fur at the base of the neck rises up and illuminates to warn and protect boundaries.

The FURVERs interactive fur is an extension of goose bumps, the hair we feel rise in anticipation. A motion sensor located at the base of the neck acts as the eyes in the back of your head.  When it feels someone approach, the FURVER stands on end to warn that personal space dimensions are being invaded and retrains the wearer to tune into this latent sense.

Kristin Neidlinger concept 
David Dawson corset form 
Kaz Nakanishi interaction
Erik Johnson electronics
Defne Beyce photo video
Daryl Henderson photo
Matthew Dean/Peeperbox photo
NightLife “Science of the Senses” @ California Academy of Sciences