The GER MOOD SWEATER interprets emotion and displays excitement levels instantly with an illuminated collar. It is a whimsical approach to new forms of communication inspired by the body.

The Mood Sweater in currently on tour with Futurotextiles 3 photo by Roger Dyckmans


How it works:
SENSOREE has crafted a soft sensor design called the The GER: Galvanic Extimacy Responder, as it promotes extimacy – externalized intimacy. The sensors are located on the hands and reads excitement levels then translates the data into a palette of affective colors. The design of the bowl shaped, high collar is positioned with LED lights that reflects onto the self for instant biofeedback as well as act as a tele-display or external blush for the other. Located around the larynx, the visual interface offers new forms of speaking.

Currently taking pre-orders for a limited edition run of 100! 

SENSOREE GER: Mood Sweater from SENSOREE on Vimeo.

MoodSweaterskristin neidlinger design concept
Scott Minneman, Anthony Asterisk, Erik Johnson electronic
Roger Dyckmans running pink/excited photo
Gabi Carneiro blue/calm  photo
Defne Beyce red/nervous photos
Phil Martin video
Katie Scarlett talent