Amplifying Human Behaviors –Interactive Inflatables body sensing design.

There are many ways to animate the body and amplify human behavior or emotions. First, there are functional designs for isolation or protection, like an inflatable vest to calm down the wearer or a helmet that protects from a bike fall. Then, there are empowering forms, like a soft inflatable exoskeleton that protects personal space, or ‘muscles’ appendages that blow up when the wearer feels threatened or in response to flight or flight response. Inflatables can comfort, protect, and express emotions.

In order to explore to possibilities of this idea, recently a number of workshops have been organized at the Creative Technology dept. at University of Twente (Netherlands) and more recently at, Stanford, during the TEI2015 conference. For these workshops we tried to come up with a set of ‘building blocks’ which allow you to try and test wearable interactive inflatable concepts quickly.

For our workshop we work with recycled materials for design and construction and teach techniques of fusing plastics. We try to house electronics in recycled materials as well. From a serendipitous event, we invented the InflataCup. Edwin had found a high powered drone fan and needing a housing to protect our fingers and design.  Alas! a coffee cup is the perfect answer. The lid gives the ability to interchange between designs. This kit is available to purchase as part of our workshop.


Featured in Make Magazine!


Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 7.18.28 PM

Here are some fun images from our past workshops.

First workshop at University Twente, Netherlands 2014

Interactive Inflatables Workshop

Next workshop for TEI Stanford 2015

inflata hiding mask for embarrassment

Our most recent workshop at MU Artspace in Eindhoven, Netherlands 2016

Interactive Inflatables Masterclass @ MU

We are proud of all the students creating body sensing concepts in this one day workshop. Here are some examples.


An inflatable paw to protect the wallet in your pocket.


An extendable punch.


Please contact to schedule a workshop.

We look forward to seeing what you will make!

Amplify human behaviors with Interactive Inflatables 
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