SensoreeNEUROTiQ NEUROTiQ is brain animating fashion – a knitted, 3d printed, EEG brain sensor – that maps thoughts and exhibits brain states with color. SensoreeNEUROTiQ NEUROTiQ Within the knit fabric structure, 3d printed neuron globules are embedded with SENSOREE therapeutic SensoreeNEUROTiQ SensoreeNEUROTiQ Elena Kulikova Photography NEUROTiQ from SENSOREE on Vimeo. NEUROTiQ process video from SENSOREE on Vimeo. Sensoree2TechInMotion NEUROTiQ premiered NYFW 2014 NeurotiQTechInMotion Olivia Christina Photography neurotiqcolor.jpgPhoto by Chris Carlone
We worked with the Emotiv Epoc EEG brain sensor. It has 14 points that monitor brain waves, so we created 14 3d printed, synapse like light points called globules. The colors respond to brain state.

Color display: Delta or deep sleep is red, Theta state or meditation is orange, Alpha is teal green, Beta or consciousness is blue, and Gamma is multi sensory brain state, so it is blue, purple, and red.emotiveDisplayNeurotiQglobules.jpg 3d Globules are embedded with electronics within nylon knit. Time table: 3d print 76 hours knitting 61 hours coding ? knit NYFW 2014 3dprintshow 12542072815_b8cb063bbc_c 12542695004_c2b5072dc8_c SENSOREE + MACHINIC

SENSOREE Kristin Neidlinger – concept design lead
Grant Patterson – software hardware
Nathan Tucker – knit magic
MACHINIC – 3d modeling & print
thank you to our materials sponsors:
Emotiv Epoc