The SENSOREE gym© is sensory circuit training.  The SENSOREE gym© programs synesthesia – the cross pollination of senses – to enhance affective embodiment.

A network of SENSOREE Apparatus provides a series of exercises that realigns the sensorium – the body’s ability to assimilate stimuli. This experience reboots the body and focuses the mind. SENSOREE Apparatus may also work independently to create a sensorial vacation in the intermittent spaces of daily architecture.

SENSOREE Apparatus

The SONIC TOUCH: tactile Sound Wall is a SENSOREE Apparatus installation, whereas a microphone glove amplifies textures to be felt by the feet. As the fingers trace forms, sound vibrations are transferred to the platform that the participant stands upon. This is a form of synaesthesia, as texture is translated to sound and back to touch in a new body location.

thetaVISION: Instant Meditation pairs with food, to create Mindful Essen. thetaVISION instantly accesses a meditative state for you, so you may relax, focus on quality of taste, enhance smell, and even sooth digestion.










moss insolesNATURA pathos line of footwear, brings nature to your feet. The next time you are too busy to go the forest or park, bring the park to you! Re-balance with the tactile sound of nature on your feet.