New research suggests that indeed cell phones are good for your brain. The radiation actually activates brain tissue.

In the 2010 Interphone report, the World Health Organization asked several scientists around the world to research the link between cellphone use and brain cancer. The results found that there was a small risk for long-term heavy users, but more importantly, reduced rates for other types.

A new study shows brain tissue is more active with cell phone use — up to a 7% increase. This is from a brain-scan-based study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association 2011.  Pictured above: A bottom-of-the-brain view showing average use of radioactive glucose in the brains of 47 subjects exposed to a 50-minute phone call on the right side of their head. (Nora Volkow/JAMA)

Dardo Tomasi, a co-author and Brain imaging physicist of Brookhaven National Laboratory, said that 7% is well below what visual brain regions experience during an exciting movie. Increased brain activity can not be bad. Perhaps cell phones should be designed for more interactive, immersive experience.