flex0FleXo – flexibFlexo_logole exoskeleton for therapeutic use – is a bioresponsive inflatable garment that communicates healing touch with extimacy – externalized intimacy.   

When introducing robot or automated interactions in healthcare, the missing component is human touch. Healing touch is a connection that communicates emotion and energy.

FleXo is a wearable soft exoskeleton to facilitate this healing therapeutic touch between a caregiver and patient. As a wearable system, FLeXo offers self management and communication of acupressure, mediated touch for wellbeing. The unique platform of emotive biomedia validates and personalizes the inflatable actuation into a new haptic language. Mediated touch is conveyed with silicone pneumatic visual and acupressure haptic feedback. Biosensing is then employed to support and log emotional response to personalize experience.  

flexo2 DSC_0389

FLeXo Credits:

Kristin Neidlinger – Concept Design Lead
Edwin Dertien – Soft Robotics Lead
Naveen Setty – Soft Robotics
Kelly Van Tol – Creative Technology

Special thanks to:
Kristi Kuusk – mentor
Marina Toeters – textile
DFKI – Wearable AI Lab – Hub

Claudia Venn L.Ac. – Traditional Chinese Medicine advisor
Barbara Koelen-Speets – Colorpuncture Advisor

Local Androids – Photo and Video
Beautiful Machines – Music
Roy Smits – Dwingeloo Radio Telescope Driving and Props


FleXo – Flexible exoskeleton from SENSOREE on Vimeo Wear Sustain.


FleXo – Flexible exoskeleton for therapeutic use – is a recipient of Wear Sustain Horizon 2020 Funding.