The GER Mood Sweater™ illuminates emotions with color.

We are excited to announce a Special Limited Edition – SENSOREE Mood Sweater Cowl

Be part of the SENSOREE ecosystem! A limited number of this special edition are available starting at $1500.

Based on the globally celebrated Mood Sweater, the Cowl is a one size fits all. It is an extended hood to add to any outfit to communicate emotion to yourself and others!

How it works?
The Galvanic Extimacy Responder (GER ) is a soft sensor system built into the Mood Sweater which detects mood, reflecting emotion to the world through a softly lit palette of affective colors. The Mood Sweater’s high, cowl-neck collar is embedded with LED lights that bathe the wearer in biofeedback while simultaneously communicating emotion to others. Located around the larynx, the visual interface creates a new form of speaking. SENSOREEs GER sensor promotes extimacy – externalizing intimacy by relaying feelings to the outside world through the language of light and color.

Features and Specifications

The SENSOREE GER Hand Sensors 3d printed by our friends Digits2Widgets in London. images

‘Technology is beginning to blend seamlessly with everyday life. GER’s wearable tech enables consumers to interact with brands in a highly personal way, transforming physical and emotional data gathered from smart sensors into real-time communication.’

‘Even though wearable tech is still in its infancy, the GER Mood Sweater is a viable design that consumers will want right now. GER’s discreet technology is breaking new ground with its capacity to transform physical and emotional data into real-time communication. Today, brands are listening to their consumers and looking for innovative ways to strengthen relationships, so its no surprise that GER’s mood sweater is the wearable the fashion industry is talking about the most.’  ~ Bradley Quinn